Dud Diamonds required a redesign and update to their existing site, to work better across devices.

Dud Diamonds

Dud Diamonds

A comedy, drama and musical movie production. When two Zulu brothers in South Africa decide to take-over a disused diamond mine, then fraudulently claim to have discovered new diamonds worth millions.

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The Brief

Having already had a website, Dud Diamonds were unhappy with the way it was performing across devices. They wanted us to work with them to use the latest technologies to work across mobiles and tablets.

The brief stated a memorable website, with a music player to add to the Dud Diamonds experience. They also required a blog to be able to update the site with further updates.

The Outcome

The website features a music player which plays inline, if chosen, both on mobile and desktop for best user experience. The site also works beautifully for both mobile and desktop to allow for an all-round experience.

With a content management system for easy editing, updating the website content is easy, from text to imagery. 


Project Features

Management System

The content management system allows for easy content editing.

Mobile Driven

Built mobile first, the site is tailored for mobile devices beautifully.

Modern Technologies

We allowed for inline music, without interrupting user experience.

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