The Dog Inn

The Dog Inn wanted a fresh new look, so we helped them craft their vision and turn it into a reality.

The Dog Inn is a traditional country Inn that has been in operation for more than 500 years. They are located in the Golden Valley, in the village of Ewyas Harold, Hereford, England.

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The Brief

The Dog Inn is a fantastic little pub based in Hereford. With a recent change of ownership, the new owners wanted to develop a fresh identity to mark their start.

They tasked us with designing a brand that felt more personal, more relatable and more idyllic. They wanted to feature a Springer Spaniel as the brand centrepiece with a magical scene around him.

The Dog Branding

The Outcome

An elegant, unique & memorable brand

The brand was the most important aspect of the project and we worked tirelessly to create a brand we were really proud of. The dog become the main symbol of the logo, creating a real human connection whilst also drawing attention to the brand in it's entirety. 

The scene complements the brands elegance, adding a unique look and feel to the brand without becoming distracting. We created basic brand guidelines for them to make sure the brand doesn't get misused, but also to make sure the brand is consistent and raises their visual identity profile.

Project Features


The brand creates a personal connection by using the dog to draw attention, making the brand feel unique and memorable.


The brand can be used in various colours and situations across multiple platforms, maintaining consistency and elegance.


We created a full set of brand guidelines to make sure the brand isn't misused, to keep visual consistency and a recognisable brand.

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