thenewguys are a recruitment company who needed a website design to match their ambitions.

thenewguys are a recruitment company, but they don’t act like one. The digital, social and online media sector is where they come into their own.

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The Brief

thenewguys had a very precise brief, bringing many design ideas to the table. We worked with them to craft out a vision and craft a style that would work with the ideas they had in mind.

The brief mentioned a heavy use of animation, and dynamic data such as popups, so we had to be very careful with user experience and the mobile experience.

The Outcome

Pulling out all the stops

The website pulls out all the stops to deliver elegant animation, without becoming overwhelming. It delivers an all-in-one experience with structured content for easy and informative browsing. The job search provides an elegant solution to search, with an engaging search bar and a job listings area that allows for a click-in, click-out experience for easy browsing. 

The average time a user spends on the site in 2017 is 1 minute and 26 seconds, with both mobile and desktop page duration being over a minute, which proves that not only users are reading and browsing, but they're finding what they want on both desktop and mobile.

Project Features

Engaging Animation

With engaging animation as you scroll, the site comes alive to provide a rich and memorable experience.

One-Page Design

The one-page design gives the user all the information they need, without even needing to leave the page.


It was so important to get mobile right. The website delivers a mobile experience to match it's desktop counterpart.

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