UKSCA needed a design overhaul to the front-end, creating a new expansive and expressive design.

With the support of UK Sport, the UK Strength and Conditioning Association launched in 2004. It has since grown to represent over 2,600 members who are supported in maintaining the highest standards of practice, knowledge and research in their field.

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The Brief

Although they already had a website, UKSCA came to us looking for a complete change of focus and thus asking for a redesign of their site from scratch. Emphasis on user experience was a key factor in the new site, along with promoting specific areas of their work.

A key area of the brief was to make sure they had a component based layout, a layout in which elements where clear, consistent and reusable. This also meant it would be easy for their developers to implement and maintain.

The Outcome

An organised, component-based user interface

The website concept was to keep things clear, consistent and reusable, whilst making sure the website had an elegance about it. The website features a card based component, which allowed for smaller bitesized pieces of content to keep the website clean and structured.

We chose a whitespace led design that allowed for calmness and kept that professional and corporate look, whilst rolling out the brand's red identity in key areas to highlight key areas. Finally, we introduced a colour palette for the cards to give each area it's own unique look and feel.

Project Features

Component Based Design

A reusable clean design with a component-based user interface allows for easy management and maintenance.   

Tailored Architecture

The site has been thoroughly planned and crafted with the different user types in mind, which allows for easy browsing.

User Research

We carried out extensive user research and planning to be able to tailor navigation and structure to get optimum results.

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